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Aculife magnetic wave therapist is a product resulting from the integration of 5000 – year traditional Chinese Acupuncture medical knowledge and circulate, preventive medical technology. By using extra long magnetic wave stimulate our hand and ear acupoints, Aculife improve our micro-circulation, speed up the metabolism, and enhance circulate capability to prevent various diseases. In addition, Aculife also act as a mild heat massage. It improves our blood circulation and recovery from fatigue.

Major Functions:

1. Detect Acupoints Location, the guidebook assists you locate the right acupoints positions easily.

2. Improving Blood Circulation, magnetic waves stimulate acupoints to improve blood circulation as traditional acupuncture.

3. Magnetism Effects, magnetic waves magnetize body fluids to increase body’s circulate system.

4. Health, effectively enhance circulate system.

5. Dual Relieve Methods, the palm acupoints combi and the ear acupionts combi can be applied in conjunction with others or separately.

6. Easy to Operate, suitable for family and safe to use.

7. Light & Portable, take it with you wherever you go. Anytime! Anywhere!

TIENS life Electro-Acupuncture includes electric and magnetic therapy. Its effects is apparent, and it can easy the side effects caused by taking medicines and inoculation. At present, the therapy is very popular in the field of family Hygienics.

The followings are the functions about TIENS Life Electro-Acupuncture Instrument:

1. It can improve blood circulation and enhance the amount of oxygen of erythrocyte and dilate blood vessels and improve metabolism.

2. It can enhance the muscles contraction when the electric current occurs and be good for the patients with hemiplegia, paralysis and pains.

3. It can kill pains, especially for trigeminal neuralgia, pains in junctures and muscles, tooth-ache and dysmenorrhea.

4. It can vitalize the functions of nerves be good for the patients with paralysis, poliomyelitis and disorder of facial nerves.

5. It can adjust the movement of intestines, may be good for constipation or diarrhea.

6. It can enhance the functions of having urines, the stimulating of electric current and it can improve the functions of ureter and constrictor.

7. It can reduce inflammation, and it can increase the amount of leucocyte, and strengthen the ability to exterminate germs, increase the ability of immunity.

8. It can kill heat and lessen the temperature caused by germs or environment.


1. Urethra - Urinary Tube
2. Vagina
3. Prostate Gland - Secretion of Sperm & Fluids
4. Uterus ( Womb )
5. External Hemorrhoid - Ext. Piles
6. Internal Hermorrhoid - Int. Piles
7. Stroke - Apoplexy
8. Impotence
9. Hemorrhoid - Piles
10. Bladder
11. Diabetes
12. Appendix
13. Small Intestine
14. Large Intestine
15. Kidney
16. Kidney
17. Left Lower-Back Pain - Left Lumbar
18. Right Lower-Back Pain - Right Lumbar
19. Inflamed Colon - Colitis
20. Inflamed Gall Bladder - Cholecystitis
21. Peptic Ulcer - Gastric Ulcer (Duodenal)
22. Small Intestine - Duodenum
23. Chest Pain - Angina Pectoris
24. Chest Pain - Angina Pectoris
25. Haematemesis - Emptysis
26. Rapid Heartbeat - Palpitation
27. Heart
28. Heart
29. Pancreas
30. Liver
31. Asthma
32. Right Lung
33. Right Shoulder - Right Scapula
34. Kidney Deficiency ( yan )
35. Kidney Deficiency ( yan )
36. Kidney Deficiency ( yan )
37. Kidney Deficiency ( yan )
38. Nocturnal Incontinence
39. Swelling - Bloated or Swollen
40. Rheumatism
41. Kidney Deficiency ( yin )
42. Kidney Deficiency ( yin )
43. Kidney Deficiency ( yin )
44. Kidney Deficiency ( yin )
45. Skin
46. Windpipe - Trachea
47. Windpipe - Trachea
48. Hypertension - High Blood Pressure
49. Hypotension - Low Blood Pressure
50. enteric Fever - Typhoid Fever ( Intestine Disease )
51. Inflamed Intestine - Enteritis
52. Flu
53. Asthma
54. Right Brain Arteries - Right Cerebral Arteries
55. Right Brain Arteries - Right Cerebral Arteries
56. Right Brain Arteries - Right Cerebral Arteries
57. Right Brain Arteries - Right Cerebral Arteries
58. Right Ear
59. Hypotension - Low Blood Pressure
60. Hypertension - High Blood Pressure
61. Left Ear
62. Left Brain Arteries - Left Cerebral Arteries
63. Left Brain Arteries - Left Cerebral Arteries
64. Left Brain Arteries - Left Cerebral Arteries
65. Left Brain Arteries - Left Cerebral Arteries
66. Cough & Respiratory Distress - Pharynx
67. Gullet - Esophagus
68. Cholesterol
69. Left Lung
70. Liver
71. Gallstone
72. Left Shoulder - Left Scapula
73. Gall Bladder
74. Lymph - White Blood Cells Fluid
75. Breast - Tumor
76. Cough & Respiratory Distress - Pharynx
77. Cough & Respiratory Distress - Pharynx
78. Cough & Respiratory Distress - Pharynx
79. Thyroid Gland - Part of Endocrine System
80. Insomnia
81. Fatigue
82. Bronchitis

Endocrine - Network of ductless glands of internal secretion
Spleen - Abdominal organ to store blood, part of body’s immune system

Acupoints :

1. Allergic Acupoint
2. Vertebral - Lumbar - Leg Acupoint - Waist to Thigh Acupoint
3. Vertebral - Lumbar - Leg Acupoint - Waist to Thigh Acupoint
4. Lower Spain Pain - Coccyx
5. Spinal Column
6. Hip . Thigh . leg Nerves - Sciatic Nerve
7. Back of Head Pain
8. Shoulder Pain - Scapula
9. Shoulder Pain - Scapula
10. Migraine
11. Right Back of Head Pain
12. Cholesterol
13. Cholesterol
14. Appetite
15. Top of Head Pain
16. Arm Pain - Brachial
17. Influenza
18. Forehead Pain
19. Gastric Ulcer
20. Constipation
21. Eyes
22. Shoulder Pain - Scapula
23. Shoulder Pain - Scapula
24. Neck Acupoint
25. Neck Acupoint
26. Neck Acupoint

How useful would it be to know your state of health every day?

Revitalise your sex life

Following its introduction to the Far East markets in 2000 the ACULIFE was given the nickname of ‘electronic viagra' because of the affects it had on improving sexual performance after treating one particular acupoint.

Word quickly spread because this ‘secret weapon' required no injections or drugs – and that it worked.

Easy to use

Just attach the connecting cable to the ACULIFE and turn it on. Now place the earpiece in your left ear and track the probe across your left hand, referring to the enclosed map when you find a reaction. That's all.

Do it to yourself

Although you can get someone to treat you using the ACULIFE, we believe it's better to do it yourself so that it's you working with your own body's responses. This allows you to keep any unexpected reactions as private as you wish.

This puts YOU in control of when you do it, how often you do it, and how long you do it for.

No prior knowledge required

Your body reacts on its own according to weaknesses found.

A detailed map of the reference points on the front and back of the hand is included with the ACULIFE. As soon as your body reacts to the probe, use the map to identify where the problem is. It's then your choice about what to do about it.Doctors have known for many years that the sensitivity of different areas of the surface of the skin changes with different health conditions, so different areas will of course react differently to a mild electrical stimulus.

Use anytime, anywhere

Battery or mains operated, the ACULIFE is small and portable and may be used anywhere to apply a short or extended burst of treatment.

No needles

No needles are involved at all. You will feel a prickling sensation that can sometimes feel like needles, but the ACULIFE is totally non-invasive.

No side effects

No negative side effects have ever been reported from any magnetic therapies as they operate by stimulating the body to produce more of what it uses to protect and enhance itself naturally.

There are however inevitably some people who are advised NOT to use magnetic products:

  • People with pacemakers, because the magnetic pulse just may interfere with its operation. We haven't heard of any yet, but it is possible.
  • People with malignant tumours, a tendency to haemorrhage or with tuberculosis, because the product stimulates blood flow that is likely to be feeding the problem.
  • Pregnant women and children under 3.

Complements any existing healthcare or training regime

The ACULIFE stimulates the body to create more of its own natural defence mechanisms.

Training regimes benefit from faster recovery and better performance; general healthcare regimes benefit from a more efficient and blockage-free body; treatments for specific ailments or injuries benefit from more efficient blood flow supporting the body's natural defence capabilities.

The ACULIFE is NOT intended to replace any existing healthcare programme you are on, nor will it completely replace the use of needles in full acupuncture.

Enhance the immune system

With the ACULIFE stimulating an increase in the production of the body's own defence mechanisms and causing an improvement in the blood flowing more effectively around the body, the inevitable result is an enhanced immune system.

Over a million users worldwide

Across the range of trials, demonstrations and worldwide sales well in excess of 200,000 units already, it is estimated that well over a million people have used the product to successfully identify their state of health.


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