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Q1: How long will it take before we can see the results of using Tiens Dream? How does it work on the human body?

A1: Generally, it will take 3 days to a week to see the results. It works on the principle that the magnetic field produces electric flux when the former enters the human body. This electric flux enables ionization of the blood, thus activating the blood cells to increase oxygenation and modulate the autonomic nerves. The conditions of various symptoms will improve as a consequence of unimpeded blood circulation.

Q2: I have all along been quite healthy. Do I still need to use Tiens Dream?

A2: Certainly you do. Due to our hectic and stressful lifestyle as well as anxiety, polluted environment, and constant threat of viruses and bacteria of today, we will never know when we will fall ill. As the saying goes: "prevention is always better than cure." Achieving health-care benefits through sleeping is beyond doubt the most relaxing and economic regimen.

Q3: How long can infants sleep on it? What are the health-giving attributes of Tiens Dreams to infants?

A3: The bio-energy released by Tiens Dream can be beneficial to both sexes of all ages. It is recommended that infants should sleep on Tiens Dream for not more than 1 hour a day. Care must also be taken to ensure that the temperature is not adjusted to an inappropriately high level.

Q4: Can Tiens Dream help improve the condition of chronic sleep disorder?

A4: Chronic sleep disorder affects the normal detoxification process in the body, leading to hypofunction of the immune system. Tiens Dream can be remarkably helpful in overcoming insomnia and promoting sound sleep.

A5: No. Tiens dream comes with a perfected safety and protection mechanism. it will not cause electric shock even when water is accidentally spilled onto it or due to bed-wetting by infants.

Q6: Tiens Dream can cause static electricity on the body. Will this bring about any side effect?

A6: Generally, the presence of static electricity on the body under a normal condition is a sign of liver problem. Any possible static electricity caused by Tiens Dream can be instantly eliminated by pressing on the stabilize switch indicated by "Electric" at the controller.

Q7: What level of therapeutic benefits can I get from Tiens Dream if I sleep on it without activating the magnetic field?

A7: You will not get the maximum benefits, as Tiens Dream is now only left with traces of far infrared ray and negative ions with reduced intensity. It is only by switching it on that Tiens Dream will start to generate a magnetic flux. Also, the mattress will release a high intensity of far infrared ray and negative ions only when it is heated up by the electric current.

Q8: My bed is stuffed with springs. Will this lead to a reduced magnetic field?

A8: No. this is because the magnetic field generated by Tiens dream is of a very high intensity.

Q9: Can I put Tiens Dream under my bed?

A9: This is not advisable, as the magnetic field generated can cause the springs in your bed to vibrate and affect your sleep.

Q10: How does Tiens Dream help me achieve the effects of exercising while I am asleep?

A10: Exercise helps speed up our blood circulation, revitalize body cells, and increase metabolic activities. Sleeping on Tiens Dream through the entire night of 8 hours is equivalent to jogging for a distance of 10 km, hence will help achieve the intended effects.

Q11: Is Tiens Dream helpful for all kinds of health problems? Does it mean that I don't have to visit a doctor anymore?

A11: In the first place, no single health-care product in the market can cure all health problems. The same is true for Tiens Dream, which offers therapeutic benefits through generating a magnetic flux and producing far infrared ray and negative ions to modulate our physiological functions. However, for certain disease caused by bacteria or viruses, you still need to seek the help of medical experts.

Q12: What is meant by Sauna Therapy?

A12: Sauna Therapy is a form of traditional thermal therapy. It works on the principle of promoting blood circulation by subjecting the body to heat, causing the body to detoxify through perspiration. It also helps convert accumulated fats into energy, revitalize body cells, and increase metabolic activities. Tiens Dream can be adjusted to a maximum temperature of 70 C. By regulating the temperature suited to your condition, you can achieve exactly the same effects as having a session of sauna.

Q13: Sauna Therapy causes profuse perspiration and the sweat gives an unpleasant odour. Why it is so?

A13: This is because the bio-energy generated by Tiens Dream triggers the process of detoxification and facilitates the elimination of toxins. The profuse perspiration and unpleasant odour of the sweat indicate a high level of toxins in your body. The condition will improve after a period of using Tiens Dream.

Q14: I experience an elevated blood pressure, numbness in affected part, and dizziness during my first few times of undergoing Sauna Therapy. Why is it so?

A14: Genarally, this is an indication of improvement reaction for those who suffer from anaemia or hypertension.

Q15: Can I undergo Sauna Therapy every day? How do I do it correctly?

A15: It is perfectly alright for female to undergo Sauna Therapy every day, but not for men. As a high temperature can affect the health of spermatozoa, men are advised not to undergo sauna Therapy for more than 3 times a week, 30 minutes a session.

Q16: Is Tiens Dream helpful for weight-loss?

A16: Of cause it is. This is because the far infrared ray in Tiens Dream can effectively break up fatty tissues. You can see the result by undergoing Sauna Therapy for half an hour a day.

Q17: How does Tiens Dream contribute to the well being of our spine and nervous system?

A17: The contribution is profound. Our spine is the terminal for all sorts' of nervous. The magnetic flux generated by Tiens Dream can effectively modulate the autonomic nerve, motor nerve, and sensory nerve, enabling them to function at tip-top condition.

Q18: How effective can Tiens Dream help couples suffering from sexual hypofunction?

A18: Very effective. Except for severe organic problems caused by injuries, normal nerve-related sexual hypofunction or dysfunction can be rectified through the use of Tiens Dream. In fact, people suffering from poor sex drive can have their libido enhanced after a brief period of using it.

Q19: Can a person who is recuperating from an illness use Tiens Dream?

A19: Yes, it is highly recommemded. The bio-energy produced by Tiens Dream is exceptional remarkable in speeding up the healing and recuperating process.

Q20: Is Tiens Dream helpful for people who have suffered a stroke?

A20: For patients suffering from cerebral haemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) or angiorrhoxis (rapture and blood vessel), the chance for full recovery are relatively low. As for cases for normal stroke caused by vascular blockage, Tiens Dream can be very helpful.

Q21: Is Tiens Dream suitable for patients undergoing dialysis treatment?

A21: Yes it is. Our kidneys are controlled by the autonomic nerves. As the bio-energy released by Tiens Dream is capable of revitalizing the autonomic nerve, it helps promote the kidney functions.

Q22: I suffer from arthritis. Is it suitable for me to sleep on Tiens Dream?

A22: Certainly it is, but it also depends on individual condition. Pains arising from mild cases of arthritis can enjoy a marked relief through using Tiens Dream. However, for more serious cases, such as those with deformed joints, it may take a longer period for observable improvement.

Q23: If I experience some very intense improvement reactions from certain health condition, should I stop the use of Tiens Dream?

A23: Not necessary. You need only have to shorten the period of each session. Again, its use should depend on your individual condition.

Q24: How long will the detoxification process take to complete?

A24: It all depends on individual condition and you can normally see the results in a week. Nevertheless, during the process of detoxification, we also inadvertently introduce new toxins into our body. As such, detoxification should be viewed as a long-term process, which may take weeks, months, and even years for some people.

Q25: Is it appropriate for people suffering from dermal diseases or skin allergies to sleep on Tiens Dream?

A25: The bio-energy released by Tiens Dream can be helpful for certain skin conditions. However, as there are just too many different types of bacteria and viruses that can bring about skin problems, it is advisable for you to also seek treatment from medical experts.

Q26: Can Tiens Dream be helpful for retarding the onset of senile dementia?

A26: The result can be amazing. This is because the bio-energy released by Tiens Dream can revitalize red blood cells that have aggregated and turned inactive. Unimpeded blood circulation can increase oxygenation in the blood, hence contributing to mental alertness and improved memory.

Q27: For what sorts of health problems will the therapeutic effects of Tiens Dream tend to be slower?

A27: Generally speaking, the therapeutic effects of Tiens Dream are most remarkable for functional health problems. As for diseases caused by bacterial or viral infection, faster improvement can be expected with the incorporation of medication.

Q28: Who should not use Tiens Dream?

A28: Patients who are implanted with heart pacer or any other electronic device should not use Tiens Dream, as the magnetic flux can affect the setting and functions of these devices. Besides, its use is also not advisable for expectant mothers.

Q29: If I stop using Tiens Dream upon achieving recovery, will my health problems recur?

A29: If you observe a balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle upon achieving recovery, the health problems will normally not recur. Anyway, since we have to sleep everyday, you can use Tiens Dream on a long-term basis as an on-going health-care regimen.

Q30: Will long-term use of Tiens Dream bring about dependency?

A30: Absolutely not. While many options of health-care regimen are nowadays available, sleeping is itself inherently the best way to induce rapid recovery. In this respect, Tiens Dream is by far the most convenient way to further energize your body and speed up the self-healing process.


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